The two words that explain tensions over Jerusalem's Old City

The two words that explain tensions over Jerusalem’s Old City

The two words that explain tensions over Jerusalem’s Old City

Jerusalem (CNN) Just two words. That is all that is needed for the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat says the source of tensions in Jerusalem.

Those words were “Terra Sancta” or Holy Land, it has, told CNN in a 2000 interview.
So what Terra Sancta? The answer depends on your application. The three Abrahamic religions affirm parts of the old city of Jerusalem. The stone walls that impose the houses of the most sacred places of Judaism and Christianity and the third most important site in Islam.

But no real element is not discussed than a hill in the southeast corner of the city. The first indication of this complexity could be the fact that the compound at the top of the hill passes through two different names. For Jews, it is called the Temple Mount; For Muslims, the Noble Sanctuary.

Its religious significance goes back to the beginnings, not only in Jerusalem, but to existence, at least as far as the Bible is concerned. In the heart of the Temple Mount Noble Shrine / is the first stone, the point in the Old Testament view that the world was created.

It is also here that the biblical patriarch Abraham came to sacrifice his son Isaac as a test of faith.

Later, two Jewish temples were erected at this point. Muslims believe that the first stone was also Muhammad’s destiny during his nocturnal journey; It is from this point that Mohammed ascended to heaven. Today, the stone is in the Dome of the Rock. The adjacent mosque – the third holiest place in Islam – is called Al-Aqsa, which means “the most distant” in Arabic.

Each story is connected to the Mount of the Noble Sanctuary Temple / has increased the importance of the site to the Abrahamic religions, while increasing its sensitivity. Any change in the perceived sacred site leads to tensions in the old city and the booming region.

And in a region where politics and religion are often linked, the site has greater political importance. For Palestinians – Muslims and non-Muslims – the site, especially the Dome of the Rock, became the symbol of national self-determination.

For the Jews, secular and religious, control of the old city of Jerusalem – and with it the Mount of the Noble Sanctuary / Temple – have become increasingly culturally and historically important. It was seen as a fundamental step in the return of the Jewish people to its roots, established thousands of years ago. The final political status of Jerusalem has confounded peace negotiators for decades.


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