Facebook Trusted Contacts: What is it, how it helps and how to use it

Numbers, alphabets, special characters and the same thing: there are so many maths that are made when creating a new password. And speaking of the number of passwords we currently have! A single person on average has almost six to seven passwords like one for Facebook, one for Twitter, bank account password, personal banking password and more.

With so many passwords to remember, even people with better memory can lose one or two when they do not use a password for a few weeks. The resolution? Different web services and applications offer different ways to help you in case you forget your password. Facebook, in addition to providing some regular ways (reset your password, etc.) also offers another way: trusted contacts.

Log in to your Facebook account and go to Settings. Now select Security and log in and you’ll see a Facebook recommendation to choose your trusted contacts. “Your approved contacts are friends you have chosen and they can help you safely if you have difficulty accessing your account,” the description says.

You can name 3 to 5 friends by clicking Edit. Facebook says these contacts will now help you log in if you are stuck in the account. The list can be changed whenever you want.

There are few important things to keep in mind when selecting your trusted contacts. When this happens, Facebook sends codes to the contacts you will need to log in to your account to choose which contacts you can call at any time. He / she chooses to log into the account to get the code in order to make sure that person is in the city most of the time.

When necessary, go to “Forgot your password?” Link that appears on the main login page. Facebook will show you ways to send your password by email, a text code to reset the password, but you must select the option “You no longer have access to these” if you want to use your trusted contacts.

You will now need to provide another email address or contact number that Facebook can use to send you the recovery details. In addition, you must enter the full name of the contact to reveal your list of trusted contacts. Now, call your trusted contacts and ask them to visit https://www.facebook.com/recover where they will receive a PIN.

Your contacts will see a message asking them to help you sign in to your account. Your friends will be asked to make sure they know you and have exchanged words about it. Once completed, they will receive a code that must be communicated to you. When you receive codes from all your trusted contacts, enter them into the boxes you see below and click Continue.

If all codes given by you are correct, Facebook will give you the opportunity to reset your new password and access your account. Although Facebook’s trusted contacts seem interesting, it does not make sense. It’s like complicating a simple thing. I would prefer email or phone text in trusted contacts. Reason? First of all, I do not want to disturb my friends, family or relatives (contacts) because of my poor memory.

Secondly, if one of my contacts is not in town. Obviously I can not ask you to stay in the city ever since I chose you as my trusted contact. Life is uncertain. What if one of my trusted contacts dies? Although Facebook says you have to report the problem on the site and select a new contact, the whole process seems a bit cumbersome.

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